“One life. Just one. Why are we running like we are on fire towards our dreams?”

Have you ever thought about that? We have this one life. Why not take chances and run just as fast as you can towards your dreams?!?

I am constantly trying to reach my dreams. Slowly but surely I reaching little dreams one day at a time.

It doesn’t matter how fast you chase those dreams, but girl you have to start somewhere! You aren’t going to magically get to your dreams without actually trying to get to them!

Just a thought for you!


Won’t be easy

Legit. Don’t know how I made it through that one today! I got a major late start and it was hard core today! She was not playing! 😂🙈

Jericho! You about killed this girl! That’s what it’s about though, right ? 😂😂😂😂

No, but seriously. We don’t get what we want from easy stuff! So girl let’s get it today!!! ✌️❤️



I am not even gonna lie about it. Today was a struggle. I was super sick over the weekend and still trying to get over it and get some energy back. 👀🤞

Idk what it was but man it has been rough. Rest was my friend. 💤

Today I pushed through my workout and maybe I won’t regret it. I didn’t have my normal energy but I did something at least. I’m proud of myself. 💪



I guess my biggest question is WHY WOULDN’t YOU WORK OUT FROM HOME IF YOU COULD? (Hence the look on my face)

No, but seriously. I never knew how important it would be later in life to find happiness and joy outside of family life, but it has happened.

Of course being a mama is my first priority, but I love to work too. If that makes sense. I am one that likes to work hard for things in life.

I still go to work and work a normal teaching job that I LOVE because it is one of my callings, but who knew I could have a side hustle that empowers me to be a better person every single day!

My answer to the question “WHY?”……. will never change. Working out whether it be day or night makes me a better person all around. I am not competing with anyone, but my body needs what it needs. My whole heart and soul thrives when I am releasing endorphins.

Even if I am having a day that I JUST DON’T WANT TO DO IT…. It helps me.

So BIG HUGE SHOUTOUT to all my girls in Fit Club killing it every day. The ones that do it for their SANITY, and the ones that do it because they want to be fitter!



Come on

Oh so tired. It’s Thursday and I’m just tired from obviously working a full time job lol. That’s normal, but I can’t ignore my goals and neither should you.

Get to it girl! Get up and do something about it instead of complaining about it. No one will do it for you!


100 things

Yep. I have prob 100 things to get done right now but one thing that helps me refocus is working out.

Yeah it’s not for everyone, but when it’s only 23 minutes or cardio…. I mean why not do something?

I have goals and I’m slowly getting there but I’m getting there because I work hard for it.

It won’t happen with a snap of a finger even if someone tries to tell you it will. No quick fixes just hard work and and increase in your confidence as well as your mood.

Let’s go girl!!!